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    1. In case of printable products, an order can be cancelled only if it is not processed by lab. And if an order gets cancelled then customer will get replacement only,but no refund.

    2. Lab owner is bounded to give replacement in case of damage or defective printable product.

    3. In case of Non-Printable product Customer can cancel their order till it gets dispatched for shipping . And customer will get refund within 15 working days, subject to terms and conditions.

    4. In case of Damaged or Defective Non-printable Product ,seller of that product is bound to replace that particular product.

    5. If Lab rejects particular order with any reason then that order will be treated as cancelled order.

    6. All the litigation matters regarding this will have sole jurisdiction (Civil and or Criminal ) of the PUNE DistrictCourt

    7. If anyone furnishes wrong/insufficient address and because of that product is not delivered to respective person in that case- 
       1) If it is printable product then refund will not be effected. 
       2)In case of non-printable product refund will be given after deducting expenditures of company.